Operational Partner

TS Group contributes to safe and efficient operation of process plants on- and offshore. We are a flexible and reliable cooperating partner supplying highly qualified personnel. Our organisation understands and responds quickly to the Client’s demands. We are a main operator in the field and known as an attractive employer.

The strength of TS Group is the combination of expertise and long operational experience.

Our employees have extensive experience from work processes within operations and maintenance, mainly within land- based process activities and the oil and gas industry.

As an operational partner, we deliver a wide range of services from commissioning, start-up, operation and daily maintenance of plants. 

Some of the tasks our personnel perform are:

  • Work planning
  • Planning and preparation for start-up
  • Preparations for maintenance, including procedures for shutdown
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance activities
  • Production optimization
  • Mechanical completion and commissioning activities 

We supply skilled personnel and engineers within the following disciplines

  • Process
  • Electrical
  • Automation
  • Mechanical
  • Maintenance planning
  • Crane and deck operations
  • Health
  • HSE 

Every employee follows internal training programs with a focus on HSE in order to be well prepared for assignments with Clients.

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Rune Fjeldstad

Manager Operation Support
+ 47 482 84 313

Ann-Kristin Delingsrud Amlie

Manager Operation Support
+ 47 980 98 375