Competence and Training

TS Group assists with advice, elaboration, updating and production within the following: 

  • Operation manuals
  • System descriptions
  • Tailor made internal courses and training programs
  • Procedures
  • Simulator training

Competence Management

HSE has first priority in the Oil and Gas business and an important part of HSE work is to ensure that everyone has the necessary competence to perform his/her task. We have developed a system where we take the responsibility for planning, maintaining and developing skills for our Clients .

The service includes;

  • Survey of competence
  • Define the need for training
  • GAP analysis
  • Planning and administration of courses
  • Preparation and follow-up of training budgets
  • Trainee follow-up
  • Elaboration of OJT   
  • Verification of competence in field

TS Group manages Herøya Kompetansesenteras well as training centres in various places in the country. For further information, take a look at our  course pages.

Stine L. Setsaas

Contract Manager
+47 984 42 006