History         References         HSEQ

History         References         HSEQ

History         References         HSEQ

TS Group is a multidiscipline industry- and oil service company with offices in Skien, Molde, Stavanger, Herøya Industripark and Arendal. The company was established in 2005, has local ownership and around 300 highly qualified employees. We have grown to be one of the major companies within our line of work.

TS Group specialises in operational- and maintenance support, courses- and consultancy services and we have today long term contracts with the major operators on the Norwegian shelf and industry. Our employees are our main resource and Health, Environment and Safety have priority in all our operations. TS Group objective is to simplify our Clients daily tasks and contribute to safe and efficient operations! 

The company is registered in Achilles, with ID: 25745 and is ISO certified according to ISO 9001: 2015.  


Our history 

TS Group was established as Technical Support in 2005 by 4 former Norsk Hydro employees. Their background was long experience from land based industry as well as Norsk Hydro’s Oil and Gas division. Norsk Hydro was Technical Support’s first Client. It began with the supply of specialized personnel to their offshore installations within process, electrical, automation and mechanical disciplines. We also provided personnel to The Sture Terminal and a variety of engineering services to the land based organisation at Sandsli.

By the end of 2005 we had 17 employees and the real progress for the company started in the summer of 2006. Norsk Hydro awarded us a contract in connection with the construction of the land based terminal of Ormen Lange at Nyhamna. During the same summer major changes took place with the process industry at Grenland, many companies closed down their operations and many qualified people were without work. Fortunately, this did not last for long. We recruited more than 60 people, both skilled labour and engineers to participate in mechanical completions and commissioning activities at the Ormen Lange land based construction at Nyhamna.

Shell awarded Technical Support a contract and we have been active at Nyhamna since then. The number of Clients has increased with the years and we are today delivering services to the main operators on the Norwegian shelf, M&M companies and industrial companies within Norway.

One of the company’s strength is that a majority of the management team have worked in Client’s companies and have detailed knowledge of management of site and projects. We are also aware of the fact some employees have a long term objective of permanent employment with the operating companies and that an employment with TS Group is the right stepping stone. More than 300 people have left us for permanent positions with the Clients. With an objective of selective recruitment and honest relationship we hope to continue this trend and that we will have many qualified ambassadors within our field of operations.

“Correctness is one of our principles. This applies to Clients, suppliers, employees and everybody around us.”

 - Rolf Hegna, General Manager


TS Group can document good references and experience from the following Clients :

  • Norsk Hydro 
  • Norske Shell 
  • Equinor
  • Point Resources
  • Aker BP
  • Wintershall
  • Lundin Norway
  • Repsol
  • Gasnor
  • Norcem
  • Yara
  • Inovyn

  • Reinertsen
  • Wood Group Mustang
  • Kværner
  • Aibel 
  • Bilfinger
  • Axess / Alpa
  • Gassnova
  • MotusTechnology
  • ÅF Industry 
  • ABB
  • Agility Subsea Fabrication

HSE/Q policy in TS Group

TS Group has implemented a zero-nil philosophy in the whole organisation, meaning that every employee shall continuously search for methods, routines, systems, technology and skills to enable the company to operate without damage or losses of lives, damage to the environment or equipment.

The zero-nil philosophy is an objective to achieve and a way of thinking:
  • No injuries  to personnel or work related illnesses
  • No damage to equipment and the environment
  • No deviation nor complaint from Clients related to our products and services

Every employee, their families, Clients and the environment shall appreciate the TS Group as a company designated to: 

  • Quality throughout the organisation
  • Wellbeing and a good working environment
  • Main objective to focus on health, environment and safety
  • Good psychosocial  work environment
  • Prevention of emissions to the environment
  • Experience transmission and continuous improvement

All work performed by TS Group shall be performed in a safe and correct matter.

All unwanted incidents shall be reported to be used in experience transmission for preventive actions.

All employees in TS Group is responsible for his/her health and safety, including reducing the risk for damage to human beings, environment and equipment.

All managers in TS Group has a designated responsibility to facilitate and follow-up HSE&Q and appear with visible and credible HSE&Q engagement.